The project’s name was chosen to evoke the spirit of courage and passion that lies in all of us and to focus on the powerful relationship and bond between man and horse. Heroes and Horses proves Winston Churchill’s theory correct, as do a number of new studies and programs that focus the quantitative results of horses’ influence upon humans and human behavior.  
 - Heroes and Horses helps soldiers live their lives to the fullest.
To use the remote wilderness, and the horse / human connection to challenge, and inspire growth in veterans suffering from mental and physical scars.We re-galvanize our nation’s veterans so they can rediscover who they are, and can be after 13 years of war. Heroes and Horses focus is not about what happened, but what can happen if you choose to drive on.

Wilderness challenges that invoke change, and develop new ways to approach, and solve problems.

We provide extreme Expedition style horse pack trips that teach self-reliance, teamwork, and help veterans move past the struggles men and women face after years of war, internal and external.

H&H aims to build a community of veterans, donors and volunteers who are involved and engaged.
"Helping Disabled Veterans"
Heroes and Horses truly changed my life. It allowed me to fulfill a lifelong dream and it changed my perspective on life. Today when I feel depressed or upset or angry, I put on my cowboy hat and sit back and try to regain that feeling I had up in those mountains, and without fail I am able to center myself again and hit that hard reset in my brain.

 Levi Di Franza (US ARMY)

Helping Disabled
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                           *Brought to you by Navy SEALs Micah Fink and Nick Hays"